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Simply connect a camera, press ‘record’ on our application, and traverse your site as you typically would – or choose any other method of capture that suits your needs. With unrivaled speed, you can access your images bypassing the extensive wait times of hours, or even days. Achieve a comprehensive, as-built record of the structure from the initial preconstruction phase, all the way through to handover and operation.

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Real-time Access to Data

Our platform integrates various data formats like 3D models, point clouds, panoramic images, photos, and annotations in a user-friendly interface. Accessible online 24/7, it promotes transparency and empowers stakeholders with real-time insights for quicker decision-making.

Reduced Site Visits

Our platform delivers detailed, real-time visual data of construction progress online, reducing the need for frequent on-site inspections. Stakeholders can make informed decisions remotely, cutting down on travel and operational costs while enhancing efficiency.

Immediate Progress Control

Our system provides a real-time visualization of the construction site, allowing stakeholders to monitor progress from anywhere. This dynamic view ensures alignment with project milestones and enables early detection of issues, reducing delays and rework. It acts as a steadfast guardian, ensuring adherence to project objectives and timelines.

Effective Data Management

Our solution acts as a digital time capsule, archiving detailed historical data from all construction stages. Stakeholders can easily access records and insights for performance analysis and strategic planning. This wealth of information empowers informed decision-making, ensuring past experiences shape present and future actions effectively.


In today’s fast-paced construction industry, staying on top of project progress and ensuring timely delivery is essential.



Set up the virtual environment by inputting project details, including timelines, milestones, and critical checkpoints. Shedule regular intervals for capturing virtual monitoring data, aligning with project timelines and milestones.



Ensure all components are properly installed and calibrated for accurate data capture. Begin the site digitization process according to the predefined schedule, capturing visual data and progress updates from designated monitoring points.



Analyze captured data in real-time to track construction progress, identify potential delays or issues, and make informed decisions to optimize workflow efficiency. Evaluate the performance of construction teams and subcontractors based on virtual monitoring data.



Share virtual monitoring data and progress reports with project stakeholders, including clients, contractors, architects, and engineers, facilitating transparent communication and alignment.

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